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Hearing tests for over 55s

Private Hearing Test

Hearing assessment for adults/senior's card holders

  • 1 h
  • Hearing by BEJA

Service Description

Price: $150 for a 60-minute, full assessment Hearing loss can be a slow, progressive change that often goes unnoticed by the sufferer for many years (sometimes decades). The first signs of a change in our hearing might be comments from those closest to us, difficulty following conversation in noise, despite no trouble 1-to-1 or while watching the news on TV, or frustration with children's voices, accents or when people speak while not facing. Whether you've experienced any of these symptoms or not, it is important to regularly test your hearing if over the age of 55, and much sooner if you have a history of noise exposure or trouble with your ears. At Hearing by BEJA, we will take a comprehensive history relevant to your hearing situation, including your medical history and what you feel may be important to consider. We will check your ears for wax* and any other issues that may be present, such as infection, before conducting a thorough test battery (hearing thresholds, speech recognition and middle ear function) to evaluate the nature and degree of hearing loss, if any, you may have. Once your results are in, we'll discuss with you any referrals or recommendations that we may have, based on these findings. This may include referral to a Doctor or Specialist, hearing aid recommendations, custom hearing protection, assistive listening devices, communication strategies, or follow-up testing in a year or 2. * Wax removal/microsuction is an additional $50 if required and requested during the appointment, or complimentary with the purchase of hearing aids.

Cancellation Policy

Please give 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment

Contact Details

  • Albion Central, 6 Crosby Road, Albion QLD, Australia

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