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Bespoke Audiology Solutions
Audiologist in Albion

Hearing loss and its implications cost the Australian economy 30 billion dollars per year. Of the 1 in 6 Australians that experience some degree of hearing loss, roughly 37% of this is attributed to preventable, repeated, excessive exposure to loud sounds. So, even though it's possible to prevent some hearing loss, there's a lot that can't be prevented, which is why we put equal emphasis on protecting, preserving hearing, while simultaneously providing everything necessary to test, address and rehabilitate any existing hearing loss you may be experiencing.


Recognising these needs through nearly 25 years of combined industry experience, our founders came together to form Hearing by BEJA, and Swishear by BEJA, which, as one under the BEJA Enterprises umbrella, put hearing, rehabilitation and prevention at the forefront. All of our clinical work, hearing aid fittings and ear plug consultations are handled by University trained Audiologists, with our primary focus on listening to you and tailoring our services to address your needs. Our Audiologists are members of the Audiology Society of Australia and strictly adhere to its Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.


We're local, we're proudly Australian owned, and nothing epitomises this more than our "fin" logo used throughout our business. We created a spectrogram of our trade names and turned each section of displacement into a 3D model, but this wasn’t enough to fully represent who we were. So, we took a topographical map of Coorparoo in South-East Queensland, the birthplace of BEJA, and spliced this into our model. The end result is what you see here – each fin embodies a piece of our audiological, and our geographical origins, coming together to create a visual representation of Hearing and Swishear by BEJA.  

While we're a local, family owned business, we also recognise we're a part of a big melting-pot of diverse cultures in Australia, and BEJA is no different. Swishear by BEJA is a tribute to our founders Polish* heritage, where słyszeć (pronounced ”swishech”) – to hear – has been adapted to stand for what our products enable for our clients. By protecting your hearing, and addressing your hearing difficulties, you will continue to hear clearly and naturally for as long as possible. At Swishear, we offer the absolute pinnacle of custom hearing protection products. We’ve sourced state-of-the-art mesh and membrane filters, and combined this with our own 3D resin manufacturing processes. As for our hearing devices, we embrace our ability as an independent provider to access all manufacturers equally, while affiliating with none. What this means to you is that the very best technology, for your individual wants and needs, will always be available through us.

So if being treated as a unique individual, having access to the best technology, being seen by experienced, university trained audiologists, and receiving warm, friendly service every time is what you're looking for in your hearing services provider. Then let Benita and James at Hearing and Swishear by BEJA take care of you.

*If you require appointments in Polish, contact us to book with Benita/ Jeśli potrzebujesz polskojęzycznego audiologa, skontaktuj się z nami, aby umówić się z Benitą.

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